Club2Class has revolutionised the results service at Christchurch Sailing Club!

Richard Phillips, Christchurch Sailing Club

Club2Class has revolutionised the results service at Christchurch Sailing Club!

After an initial test during the Easter Regatta in 2018, C2C was adopted on a trial basis in place of a time-consuming process relying upon a person producing results on a spreadsheet, creating a pdf file and then emailing it to the CSC webmaster for publication maybe a few days (or more) after the event has taken place.

Club2Class was designed so that you press a button as a boat finishes. However, at CSC the results are input after races have finished, relying on pen and paper to initially record the results. This created extra input work, however, C2C has now released a super quick and easy way to do this which involves selecting drop down options. After inputting the finishing times/finish order into Swift Score, the race results are then uploaded, processed and the series results updated and published within a couple of seconds all with just one press of a button! This has very significantly reduced the input time and even the time from input to publication which was already short!

During the Easter regatta sailors were delighted to find the results of the day’s racing available on the screen in the Clubhouse and on their mobile devices soon after racing had finished!

At the Finn Southern Area Championship, entries received prior to the event were quickly uploaded from a csv file into a C2C Special event. This keeps the race details separate from Club races. The entries on the day were quickly added manually. Sailors in the different age categories and Classic Finns with various rig combinations were identified using the Categories in the Club2Class boat database.

During the event the results were transmitted from the Committee Boat to the results Administrator who input and published the results before the boats had returned ashore.

Club2Class has also been very responsive to suggestions to enhance their service.

We have made use of the various upgrades during the year. Some of our Class captains communicate with their members using the facility within Club2Class, some use the automatic alerts prior to an event to allow sailors to indicate if they are racing, need a helm/crew/boat or have one available.

The enhanced TV mode enables pre-selected photos to be scrolled with the results customised for a Special event or for a Club Prizegiving of annual club races.

Some of these features were not released at the time of the Southern Area Championship but will make it even easier and quicker to use in future events.

Richard Phillips, Christchurch Sailing Club

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