Club2Class Knowledge Base

Manage Classes

Club administrators can manage classes from the Manage Classes page for their club or a special event within their club.

A class is a collection of boats, members, calendar events and results. A class may contain boats of one or more boat classes.

A class can be created at a club level or within a special event. Classes created at club level can be used for regular club activity. Special events can be created within a club and classes can be added to them also.

important: A class is distinct from a boat class in Club2Class. We hope this is clear from the above but if you have any questions, please let us know by emailing

Manage Classes

Club adminstrators can manage classes in their club or their club's special events from the Class Management Dashboard and Special Event Management Dashboard found in their Club Administrator Tools.

From the Manage Classes page you can add members to a class for crew matching, define boats within a class and associate them with class members. You can also create a new series of races for a class, add races to it and score it.

You can add classes to your club or special event by clicking on the add class command ( add class).

Below is a brief summary of the key functions available from this page: