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Itchenor Sailing Club

Club Regatta 2019

Sat 22-Jun-2019


Club Regatta

Series Results

Rank: 1 Sail#: 68
Boat: Sky
Helm: Ollie Gilchrist
Crew: Becky Wickens, Harry Gilchrist
Gross Pts: 1 Net Pts: 1
Race Results:
Rank: 2 Sail#: 26
Boat: Danny
Entrants: Roger Wickens, Jacky Wickens, Tim Hill
Gross Pts: 2 Net Pts: 2
Race Results:
Rank: 3 Sail#: 66
Boat: Molly
Helm: Tina Webster
Crew: Richard Stephens
Gross Pts: 3 Net Pts: 3
Race Results:
Rank: 4 Sail#: 61
Boat: Betty
Helm: Robin Richardson
Crew: Peter Taylor, Jo Johnson
Gross Pts: 4 Net Pts: 4
Race Results:
Rank: 5 Sail#: 1
Boat: Dainty
Entrants: Duncan Okelly, Fluer Okelly, Ed Okelly
Gross Pts: 5 Net Pts: 5
Race Results:
Rank: 6 Sail#: 47
Gross Pts: 6 Net Pts: 6
Race Results:
Rank: 7 Sail#: 42
Boat: Penny
Helm: Richard Pearson
Crew: Sarah Pearson
Gross Pts: 7 Net Pts: 7
Race Results:
Rank: 8 Sail#: 43
Boat: Honey
Entrants: Graham Colbourne, Anne Colbourne
Gross Pts: 8 Net Pts: 8
Race Results:
Rank: 9 Sail#: 11
Boat: Harmony
Helm: Duncan Okelly
Crew: Fluer Okelly, Ed Okelly
Gross Pts: 9 Net Pts: 9
Race Results:
Rank: 10 Sail#: 17
Gross Pts: 10 Net Pts: 10
Race Results:
Rank: 11 Sail#: 14
Boat: Jabberwocky
Helm: M Weston
Crew: Peter Hansell, Rachel Weston
Gross Pts: 11 Net Pts: 11
Race Results:
Rank: 12 Sail#: 67
Boat: Misty
Helm: Alan Stannah
Crew: William Cuthbert, Ian Stewart
Gross Pts: 12 Net Pts: 12
Race Results:
Rank: 13 Sail#: 16
Boat: Mystery
Helm: Viv Williams
Crew: Anna Williams
Gross Pts: 13 Net Pts: 13
Race Results:
Rank: 14 Sail#: 36
Boat: Melody
Helm: Julian Hawe
Crew: Lynne, Charles Sharp
Gross Pts: 14 Net Pts: 14
Race Results:
Rank: 15 Sail#: 25
Boat: Query
Helm: Tim Hill
Crew: Jacky Evans, Ewan Garrit
Gross Pts: 17 Net Pts: 17
Race Results:
Rank: 15 Sail#: 6
Boat: Little Lady
Helm: Gayle Palmer
Crew: Chris Moore, Mark Taylor
Gross Pts: 17 Net Pts: 17
Race Results:

Race Key

Race Name Start Date
R1 RACE CREATED 22 JUN 2019 16:34 22-Jun-2019 13:25:00