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Christchurch Sailing Club


Peter Warren Trophy 2019

Series Results

Rank: 1 Sail#: 78
Boat: Tern
Entrants: Shaun Harris
Gross Pts: 1 Net Pts: 1
Race Results:
Rank: 2 Sail#: 187
Boat: Flicker of Flame
Entrants: Eric Hooper
Gross Pts: 2 Net Pts: 2
Race Results:
Rank: 3 Sail#: 76
Boat: Bambi
Entrants: Christine de Laine
Gross Pts: 3 Net Pts: 3
Race Results:
Rank: 4 Sail#: 28
Boat: Bugs Bunny
Entrants: Mike Dickinson
Gross Pts: 4 Net Pts: 4
Race Results:
Rank: 5 Sail#: 404
Boat: Capt. Beaky
Entrants: Paul Mecklenburgh
Gross Pts: 5 Net Pts: 5
Race Results:
Rank: 6 Sail#: 99
Boat: Nippy
Entrants: Stuart Percival
Gross Pts: 6 Net Pts: 6
Race Results:
Rank: 7 Sail#: 701
Boat: Blue Belle
Helm: Jim Collins
Gross Pts: 7 Net Pts: 7
Race Results:
Rank: 8 Sail#: 1131
Boat: Sprite
Entrants: Cherry Giles
Gross Pts: 8 Net Pts: 8
Race Results:
Rank: 9 Sail#: 20
Boat: Tango
Entrants: Patrick de Laine
Gross Pts: 9 Net Pts: 9
Race Results:
Rank: 10 Sail#: 1001
Boat: Mermaid
Entrants: Jeff Hawkins
Gross Pts: 10 Net Pts: 10
Race Results:
Rank: 11 Sail#: 134
Helm: Paul Mecklenburgh
Gross Pts: 11 Net Pts: 11
Race Results:

Race Key

Race Name Start Date
R1 PETER WARREN TROPHY RACE 09-Jun-2019 14:04:00