Christchurch Sailing Club


Harbour Olympic

Series Results

Last scored Sat 01-Jun-2019 12:43 as provisional. Red scores are discarded.

Sailed: 2. Discards: 0. Competitors: 4. Scoring System: Low Points (Appendix A). Rating System: 1 Design.

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Rank: 1 Sail#: 555
Boat: Wild Duck
Entrants: Graham Fairbrass
Gross Pts: 3 Net Pts: 3
Race Results:
Rank: 2 Sail#: 404
Boat: Capt. Beaky
Entrants: Paul Mecklenburgh
Gross Pts: 5 Net Pts: 5
Race Results:
Rank: 3 Sail#: 207
Boat: Luva Duck
Entrants: Stephen Doe
Gross Pts: 5 Net Pts: 5
Race Results:
Rank: 4 Sail#: 113
Boat: The Fridge
Entrants: Andrew Rushworth
Gross Pts: 7 Net Pts: 7
Race Results:

Race Key

Race Name Start Date
R1 HARBOUR R1 01-Jun-2019 08:25:00
R2 HARBOUR 2 01-Jun-2019 09:15:00