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Itchenor Sailing Club

XOD Class

Felix Bowl 2018

Series Results

Rank: 1 Sail#: 181
Boat: Xtravagance (S)
Entrants: Sam Spencer, Caroline Spencer
Gross Pts: 30 Net Pts: 6
Race Results:
Rank: 2 Sail#: 188
Boat: Princess Jalina (W)
Entrants: David Palmer
Gross Pts: 31 Net Pts: 8
Race Results:
Rank: 3 Sail#: 186
Boat: Phoenix (W)
Entrants: Chris Darling, Chris Froy, Alastair Shaw, Andrew Shaw
Gross Pts: 36 Net Pts: 10
Race Results:
Rank: 4 Sail#: 116
Boat: Thalia (S)
Entrants: Phil & Liz Chowienczyk
Gross Pts: 30 Net Pts: 11
Race Results:
Rank: 5 Sail#: 158
Boat: Terrapin (S)
Entrants: Roy Griggs, Mike Scott, Robin Wootton
Gross Pts: 51 Net Pts: 13
Race Results:
Rank: 6 Sail#: 132
Boat: Harmony (P)
Entrants: John & Linda Tattersall
Gross Pts: 55 Net Pts: 17
Race Results:
Rank: 7 Sail#: 192
Boat: Felix (P)
Entrants: Tony Probert
Gross Pts: 56 Net Pts: 18
Race Results:
Rank: 8 Sail#: 152
Boat: Beaver (S)
Entrants: William, Penny, Chris, Clare, Nick, Mike
Gross Pts: 54 Net Pts: 21
Race Results:
Rank: 9 Sail#: 50
Boat: Xcitation (W)
Entrants: Roger Yeoman, Mike Moss
Gross Pts: 60 Net Pts: 22
Race Results:
Rank: 10 Sail#: 184
Boat: Quixotic (P)
Entrants: Jerrold Alexander, David Brittain, Steve Dover
Gross Pts: 67 Net Pts: 29
Race Results:
Rank: 11 Sail#: 101
Boat: Thora (S)
Entrants: Ted Roose, Bill Barnes, David Priscott
Gross Pts: 69 Net Pts: 31
Race Results:
Rank: 12 Sail#: 73
Boat: Zephyr (S)
Entrants: David Maclean
Gross Pts: 74 Net Pts: 36
Race Results:
Rank: 13 Sail#: 55
Boat: Falconet (S)
Entrants: Alan Perry, Ron Parker, Jim Dunn, Peter Lawrence
Gross Pts: 76 Net Pts: 38
Race Results:
Rank: 14 Sail#: 182
Boat: Sweet X (S)
Entrants: Mark Palmer
Gross Pts: 77 Net Pts: 39
Race Results:
Rank: 15 Sail#: 80
Boat: Lass (W)
Entrants: Ian Andrew, Richard & Mille Bullock, Jeremy Lear, John Tremlett
Gross Pts: 80 Net Pts: 42
Race Results:
Rank: 16 Sail#: 82
Boat: Magic Dragon (W)
Entrants: David Oddie, Andy Oddie
Gross Pts: 81 Net Pts: 43
Race Results:
Rank: 17 Sail#: 51
Boat: Athena (W)
Entrants: David McGregor, Renee McGregor, Beverly Coghlan
Gross Pts: 83 Net Pts: 45
Race Results:
Rank: 18 Sail#: 26
Boat: Catherine (W)
Entrants: Colin McKinnon, Neil Hart
Gross Pts: 95 Net Pts: 57
Race Results:

Race Key

Race Name Start Date
R1 XOD RACE 1 05-May-2018 09:55:00
R2 XOD RACE 2 05-May-2018 13:20:00
R3 XOD RACE 1 06-May-2018 10:55:19
R4 XOD RACE 2 06-May-2018 14:44:00
R5 XOD RACE 1 07-May-2018 10:30:00