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Itchenor Sailing Club

Mirror Class

Bond Prize 2017

Series Results

Rank: 1 Sail#: 7079
Boat: Smurf
Sailors: Alice Bullock, Olivia AJ, George B
Gross Pts: 5 Net Pts: 5
Race Results:
Rank: 2 Sail#: 70620
Boat: Aquacadabra
Sailors: Tom Glaister, Fred L
Gross Pts: 5 Net Pts: 5
Race Results:
Rank: 3 Sail#: 70796
Boat: Kit Kat
Sailors: Allegra Massey, Maddie Hantrais
Gross Pts: 6 Net Pts: 6
Race Results:
Rank: 4 Sail#: 70564
Boat: Gone with the Wind
Sailors: Iona Slatter, Max Slatter
Gross Pts: 8 Net Pts: 8
Race Results:
Rank: 5 Sail#: 70583
Boat: Frisky Bear
Sailors: James Barnes, Charlie
Gross Pts: 9 Net Pts: 9
Race Results:
Rank: 6 Sail#: 70647
Boat: Dulcabella
Sailors: Zac Shepherd, Tilly Benson
Gross Pts: 11 Net Pts: 11
Race Results:
Rank: 7 Sail#: 70587
Boat: Hummingbird
Sailors: Emmy Walker, Laura Hantrais
Gross Pts: 13 Net Pts: 13
Race Results:
Rank: 8 Sail#: 70103
Boat: Running Bear
Sailors: Emily MacGregor, Ailbhe Barnes
Gross Pts: 15 Net Pts: 15
Race Results:
Rank: 9 Sail#: 70640
Boat: Phish Food
Sailors: Alice Goldsmith, Zara Bullock
Gross Pts: 20 Net Pts: 20
Race Results:
Rank: 10 Sail#: 70697
Boat: Forget-me-knot
Sailors: Evan Williams, Ed Jones
Gross Pts: 21 Net Pts: 21
Race Results:
Rank: 11 Sail#: 70002
Gross Pts: 22 Net Pts: 22
Race Results:

Race Key

Race Name Start Date
R1 MIRROR RACE 1 28-Aug-2017 10:14:00
R2 MIRROR RACE 2 28-Aug-2017 11:41:00