Itchenor Sailing Club

Junior Fortnight

Sun 30-Jul-2017 to Thu 10-Aug-2017

Mirrors 4


Sail#: 70564
Boat: Gone With The Wind (19)
Entrants: Slatter, Max (H), Goldsmith, Alice (C)
Points: 1
Sail#: 70676
Boat: Racing Demon (1)
Entrants: Clarke, Thomas (H), Cooper, Harry (C)
Points: 2
Sail#: 70653
Boat: Humphrey The Wolf (54)
Entrants: Timberlake, Daisy (H), Fox, Lucy (C)
Points: 3
Sail#: 70632
Boat: Billy Bones (22)
Entrants: Hartley, Jack (H), Hartley, Saskia (C)
Points: 4
Sail#: 70280
Boat: Curtis (5)
Entrants: Aston, Isabelle (H), Curtis, Emma (C)
Points: 5
Sail#: 70002
Boat: Magic (3)
Entrants: Jones, Henry (H), Blash Harvey, Anthony (C)
Points: 6
Sail#: 70503
Boat: No Name (15)
Entrants: Massey, Allegra (H), Simms, Lilly (C)
Points: 7
Sail#: 70715
Boat: Aotea (20)
Entrants: Henshaw, Natasha (H), Taylor, Arabella (C)
Points: 8
Sail#: 70698
Boat: Cool Running (28)
Entrants: Leaver, Archie (H), Leaver, Lucinda (C)
Points: 9
Sail#: 70647
Boat: Dulcebella (16)
Entrants: Shepherd, Zac (H), Massey, George (C)
Points: 10
Sail#: 70819
Boat: David Brent (45)
Entrants: Perry, Phoebe (H), Armstrong, Willow (C)
Points: 11
Sail#: 70652
Boat: Stingray (26)
Entrants: Mackie, Sam (H), Cohen, Hetty (Esther) (C)
Points: 12
Sail#: 70820
Boat: Tornado (46)
Entrants: Rogers, Theodora (H), Gormley, Daphne (C)
Points: 13
Sail#: 70429
Boat: Hakuna Matata (12)
Entrants: Smith, Ashton (H), Morrison, Torquil (C)
Code: DNF
Points: 14
Sail#: 69638
Boat: Anne Bonny (38)
Entrants: McAughtrie, Eliza (H), McAughtrie, Anna (C)
Code: DNC
Points: 17
Sail#: 69972
Boat: Sundance (6)
Entrants: Kump, Tate (H), Gadsby, Annoushka (C)
Code: DNC
Points: 17