Itchenor Sailing Club

Junior Fortnight

Sun 29-Jul-2018 to Fri 10-Aug-2018

Laser Radial


Sail#: 196664
Boat: Snow and Ice (4)
Helm: Grant, Archie
Points: 1
Sail#: TBC3
Boat: Christie Laser (6)
Helm: Christie, Louis
Points: 2
Sail#: 194119
Boat: Taylor Laser (3)
Helm: Taylor, James
Points: 3
Sail#: 212075
Boat: Neal Laser (5)
Helm: Neal, William
Points: 4
Sail#: TBC2
Boat: Bowler Laser (2)
Helm: Bowler, James
Points: 5
Sail#: TBC1
Boat: Hindson Radial (1)
Helm: Hindson, Sophie
Points: 6
Sail#: TBC4
Boat: Mushy Pea (7)
Helm: Hartley, Max
Points: 7
Sail#: 192463
Boat: Turner Laser (8)
Helm: Turner, Emily
Code: DNC
Points: 9