Chester Yacht Club



Sail#: 116
Boat: Mahaska
Helm: A. Demone
owner: H. Demone
Points: 1
Sail#: 227
Boat: Barbarian
Helm: K. Fox
Points: 2
Sail#: 331
Boat: Geronimo
Helm: A Stonehouse
Points: 3
Sail#: 247
Boat: Scout
Helm: M. Bowen
Points: 4
Sail#: 274
Boat: Feather
Helm: C. Norwood
Points: 5
Sail#: 47
Boat: Island Girl
Helm: T. Blain
Points: 6
Sail#: 266
Boat: Shaken Knot Stirred
Helm: J. Fraser
Points: 7
Sail#: 162
Boat: Hackmatack
Helm: N. Lewin
Points: 8
Sail#: 138
Boat: The Rest
Helm: M. Hill
Points: 9
Sail#: 154
Boat: All That Jas
Helm: S. Stairs
Points: 10
Sail#: 68
Boat: Adriatic
Helm: S. Creaser
Points: 11
Sail#: 81
Boat: One Time
Helm: P. Chandler
Code: DNC
Points: 14
Sail#: 382
Boat: Stinger
Helm: D. McAlpine
Code: DNC
Points: 14