Itchenor Sailing Club

RS200 Class

RS200 R3

Sail#: 1643
Boat: Nelly
Entrants: George Yeoman, Sophie Ormsby
Points: 1
Sail#: 1621
Points: 2
Sail#: 1549
Boat: No Name
Entrants: T Saxton
Points: 3
Sail#: 1628
Boat: No Name
Entrants: Ben Palmer, Claire Walsh
Points: 4
Sail#: 1639
Boat: No name
Entrants: Jack Holden, Alex Warren
Points: 5
Sail#: 1493
Boat: No Name
Entrants: S Patterson
Points: 6
Sail#: 1362
Boat: No Name
Entrants: G Hall
Points: 7
Sail#: 0BLUE
Points: 8
Sail#: 00HYDE
Points: 9
Sail#: 1642
Boat: Lady La La
Entrants: Maria Stanley, Rob Henderson
Points: 10
Sail#: 1109
Points: 11
Sail#: 1160
Boat: And all that
Points: 12
Sail#: 1308
Boat: Folie Douce
Entrants: Nick Blevins, Tots Boadle
Code: DNC
Points: 17
Sail#: 1355
Boat: Jika
Entrants: Jamie Holmes, Katherine Harris
Code: DNF
Points: 17
Sail#: 1439
Boat: No name
Entrants: Archie Grant, Bruce Grant
Code: DNF
Points: 17
Sail#: 1661
Boat: -
Entrants: Steve Macqueen, Lynn MacQueen
Code: DNC
Points: 17