Itchenor Sailing Club

Int 14 Class


Sail#: 1553
Boat: Scrumpet
Entrants: Neale Jones, Ed FitzGerald
Points: 1
Sail#: 1556
Boat: Helly the Pelly
Entrants: Dan Holman, Damian Ash
Points: 2
Sail#: 1557
Boat: Amazing Masie
Entrants: N Ash, K Nurton
Points: 3
Sail#: 1544
Boat: Pamela
Entrants: Andy Shaw, Rob Struckett
Points: 4
Sail#: 1558
Boat: Dragon
Entrants: Robin Pascal, Martin Pascal
Points: 5
Sail#: 1548
Boat: The Beast
Entrants: Julian Pearson, R.Sheridan
Points: 6
Sail#: 1546
Boat: Jungle Fire
Entrants: Charles Duchesne, Adam Ovington
Points: 7
Sail#: 1517
Boat: Poppet
Entrants: G Yeoman, J Yeoman
Points: 8
Sail#: 1527
Boat: Blue Fire
Entrants: Philip McDanell, Luke Boughton
Points: 9
Sail#: 1529
Boat: Pink Flesh
Entrants: Robin Pascal, Martin Pascal
Points: 10
Sail#: 1530
Boat: Smash It
Entrants: Andy FitzGerald, Richard Dobson
Points: 11
Sail#: 1532
Code: DNC
Points: 15
Sail#: 1520
Code: DNC
Points: 15
Sail#: 1488
Boat: Elizabeth
Entrants: Dominic Van Essen, High Maclean
Code: DNC
Points: 15